The Benefits of Professional Property Management in Minneapolis

Discover how can simplify property management for landlords and investors. From tenant screening to maintenance, we've got you covered. Read more to learn all the ways we can elevate your real estate investing experience.


1/19/20247 min read

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The Benefits of Professional Property Management in Minneapolis

In the bustling real estate market of Minneapolis, property owners often find themselves juggling a myriad of responsibilities. From tenant management and procurement to daily ongoing property maintenance, the challenges can be overwhelming. This is where professional property management steps in, offering a range of benefits that go beyond the traditional landlord responsibilities.

I. Introduction

A. Definition of Professional Property Management

Professional property management involves outsourcing the daily operational tasks associated with property ownership to a dedicated management company. This includes tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, and property maintenance to name just a few. Using a professional management company is a great idea because it takes a lot of the work out of real estate investing, plus it's actually a tax write off you can utilize in your business.

B. Importance of Property Management in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, known for its diverse neighborhoods and thriving real estate market, requires a strategic approach to property management. Professional management ensures that properties are well-maintained, tenants are satisfied, and legal obligations are met.

II. Key Benefits of Professional Property Management

A. Efficient Tenant Screening

One of the key advantages of a professional property management company is having a rigorous tenant screening process in place. Professional property managers use their expertise to find reliable tenants, reducing the risk of late payments and property damage. Having just one problematic resident in a property can really drag a property down. Undesirable tenants may decrease satisfaction amongst other residents which in turn may cause increases in conflict amongst neighbors. The end result is higher expenses associated with decreased resident retention rates.

B. Timely Rent Collection

Property managers handle rent collection efficiently, ensuring a steady cash flow for property owners. This can significantly reduce the financial stress associated with rental properties. There are many ways to collect rent ranging from old school methods of collecting checks to newer methods utilizing technology such as utilizing free online portals through companies such as or or paid applications such as AppFolio. At we utilize whatever system our clients prefer.

C. Property Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving property value and realizing appreciation within the property over time. Professional managers oversee repairs and maintenance tasks, addressing issues promptly to keep tenants happy and properties in top condition.

This means your property manager needs to understand the concepts of project management. has key professionals in place with Project Management Professional Certifications from the Project Management Institute. They understand not only the predictive project environment that most real estate projects fall into, but also hybrid models and agile project management as well. They also don't pawn off these responsibilities to someone inexperienced who is on "their team" as a lot of other property management companies tend to do once they earn your business.

D. Legal Compliance

Navigating the complex web of landlord-tenant laws can be challenging. Property management companies stay abreast of legal changes, ensuring that property owners comply with all regulations. They also are aware of regulations, laws or ordinances that may be occurring in the near future which may affect your property.

A lot of other companies like to upsell services such as "eviction insurance" to provide an appearance of comfort that property owners feel shielded from a potential eviction. At we don't upsell these sorts of services. We do offer a 6 month resident placement guarantee where if anyone we find doesn't fit the bill, we'll replace them at no cost to you. While you will have to handle legal costs associated with an eviction, again this is a tax write off. Luckily due to our proactive style of management we have been able to avoid any evictions for several years and less than 1% of residents are ever evicted.

E. Enhanced Marketing Strategies

Property managers employ effective marketing strategies to attract high-quality tenants quickly. This reduces vacancy rates and minimizes the time a property remains unoccupied. We utilize a network of free resources to market your property as well as other low cost marketing options that normally don't cost more than a cup of coffee a day. We'll work with property owners budgets to determine the best tailored marketing solutions for their needs.

The goal is to spend as little as possible on marketing while attracting the highest quality residents at the same time. This isn't always easy and it's another reason you'll need a great property management company to help you fill your units with desirable, responsible residents.

III. Cost Effective Solutions

A. Economies of Scale

Professional property management companies often handle multiple properties, benefiting from economies of scale. This leads to cost savings that can be passed on to property owners. A lot of property management companies however do not pass this savings onto their clients and instead pocket upcharges. As most property owners know, the main cost in their businesses are labor related. That's why at we never upcharge our labor services.

We plug property owners in directly with our vast contractor network and you pay the service provider directly. This ensures no markup on the labor completing your work, ever. Many local property managers charge up to $100.00 per hour for labor, no matter what the task. How would you like to reduce your labor costs anywhere from 25%-50%? Contact us to start realizing savings on your labor costs.

B. Reduced Vacancy Rates

Efficient tenant screening and strategic marketing contribute to lower vacancy rates, translating to increased revenue for property owners. The goal is to find and retain good residents. Experienced property owners understand it pays to keep good residents in place due to the costs associated with turnovers.

IV. Streamlined Communication

A. Tenant-Landlord Communication

Clear and efficient communication is crucial for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. Property managers act as intermediaries, addressing concerns and ensuring smooth communication. This is why we provide a free update report every month in addition to the usual rent roll and financial information.

We want property owners to understand all the news, developments and potential challenges their property is facing now and in the near distant future. This allows for better strategy formulation and risk management efforts to be employed. Some property owners like to be involved in the management of the property while others like to be totally hands off. Whatever your individual ownership style, we will work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

B. Emergency Response

In emergencies, property managers are equipped to handle issues promptly, providing a sense of security for both property owners and tenants. For us, after hours emergencies are defined as smell of gas, fire, flooding or heat not being on in the winter. While labor costs are generally higher for after hours emergencies, often times these emergencies can be prevented with proper standard maintenance checks.

It also helps to set the expectation level with residents as to what is an emergency and what is not. This way you don't have to be worried about a resident say being locked out of their unit at 2am in the morning. If you let them know ahead of time things like this have to wait until the next business day they will be responsible and acquire a spare key they can hide or keep safely in case they ever find themselves locked out of their unit.

V. Technology Integration

A. Property Management Software

Modern property management involves the use of advanced software to streamline tasks such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and financial reporting.

B. Online Payment Systems

Property managers facilitate online rent payments, making the process convenient for tenants and ensuring timely payments for property owners.

VI. Financial Management

A. Budgeting and Financial Reporting

Property management companies assist in budgeting and provide detailed financial reports, offering transparency and helping property owners make informed decisions.

B. Tax Assistance

Navigating tax regulations related to rental income can be complex. Property managers often offer assistance in this area, maximizing potential deductions for property owners.

VII. How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

A. Research and Reviews

Research potential property management companies, considering online reviews, testimonials, and feedback from other property owners.

B. Interviewing Potential Managers

Conduct interviews to assess the expertise and compatibility of potential property management companies with your specific needs.

We have compiled another blog post titled the Top 10 Questions You Should Ask a Property Management Company at our sister website You can find that article HERE.

VIII. Overcoming Common Challenges

A. Dealing with Difficult Tenants

Professional property managers know often times it's not tenants themselves that cause difficulty, it's the problems that tenants are experiencing that cause difficulty. Using clear communication, understanding, empathy and a proactive approach are the best solutions to dealing with difficult situations. Using a root cause analysis and involving the tenant in the solution often times remedy unpleasant situations.

You need your property management to have a high level of emotional intelligence so they don't jump to conclusions, make wrong assumptions or offer subpar customer services. Working with tenants to resolve their issues in a timely fashion is the way to ensure high levels of customer satisfactions and increase retention rates and lengths of stay.

B. Addressing Property Damage

Documentation is key when property damage occurs. It's also a reason why professional property management companies will require renters to acquire renters insurance. You want to make sure their possessions are protected as well as your real estate investment. Property owners will still maintain their own insurance policies, but it doesn't help to have renters obtain them as well for extra coverage.

Documenting damage and addressing any potential damage caused by tenants right away is crucial. The more time that passes by increases the chance you will not be made whole by the resident if in fact the resident did cause damage to the property. Same thing when tenants move out. The property manager must do a thorough job of documenting damages that are beyond normal wear and tear. In the state of Minnesota residents must have their damage deposits refunded within 21 days of their departure so you want to make sure any damage is accounted for in this timeframe.

IX. Conclusion

In conclusion, the benefits of professional property management in Minneapolis are manifold. From efficient tenant screening to embracing future trends, property management companies play a pivotal role in the success of property ownership. By alleviating the burden on property owners, they ensure a seamless and profitable real estate experience. This allows real estate investors to focus on building their real estate investment portfolios instead of being bogged down by the daily encumbrances caused by ongoing operations management.


  1. Is professional property management only for large property portfolios? Professional property management is beneficial for both large and small property portfolios. The services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual property owners.

  2. How do property managers handle maintenance issues? Property managers address maintenance issues promptly by coordinating with reliable contractors and ensuring repairs are completed efficiently.

  3. What role does technology play in property management? Technology is integral to modern property management, facilitating tasks such as online rent collection, maintenance tracking, and financial reporting.

  4. Can property managers help with legal compliance? Yes, property managers stay updated on legal regulations and ensure property owners comply with all relevant laws.

  5. How can I choose the right property management company? Research potential companies, read reviews, and interview them to find a company that aligns with your property management needs. Be sure to read our other blog post Top 10 Questions to Ask a Property Management Company.